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Import sustainable wood products


  • Tap sustainable timber resources
  • Mediation of contacts to tried-and-tested suppliers of innovative timber products with an assured supply of raw materials
  • Support in complying with compulsory EUTR rules

Teak, albasia and other wood products

This is how we ease your purchase of sustainable wood products!

IPD identifies alternative wood varieties for you, as well as sustainable sources of timber that guarantee a long-term supply of raw materials, generating income in rural areas by means of climate-friendly agroforestry systems. Over recent decades, uncontrolled felling has dramatically reduced the natural forest area as well as stocks of some established wood varieties – posing a challenge for all who wish to import timber products.

IPD also offers valuable assistance in complying with the European Timber Regulation (EUTR). We train the carefully selected suppliers specifically in exercising full transparency in their wood procurement and in presenting the documentation required for the EUTR Due Diligence System.

We mediate reliable suppliers for you who have been well prepared for the EU market.

Our portfolio

  • Teak and bamboo from Ecuador and Colombia
    Exporters from Colombia and Ecuador convince with their stable, visually attractive boards and high-quality floorings made from plantation teak and bamboo.
  • Lightwoods from Indonesia
    The light and fast-growing woods from Indonesia can serve as material for boards of all different kinds (furniture construction, interior fittings) and panelling, in particular as a composite product that can be laminated with a surface layer of tropical hardwood (meranti) or kraft paper.
  • Beech and oak from Ukraine
    Ukraine has a centuries-old tradition of wood processing, as well as boasting vast timber resources. Beechwood and oak are used here to manufacture laminated wood panels, parquet flooring, custom-made windows and kiln- or chamber-dried sawn timber.
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partner countries

Transparency through direct contact

As a renewable natural raw material, wood is an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly resource, as long as it comes from sustainable forestry. The IPD-approved exporters from our partner countries work responsibly. Get more information about our partner countries.

Sector Information

Teak from South America

The timber of the kings

Besides its unique grain, plantation teak has many advantages that make it a good alternative to classic woods. Learn more about the advantages and properties of this hard wood.

Lightweight timber

An outstanding material

Better than traditional timber materials: bending properties and screw withdrawal values of plywood and boards from Jabon and Albasia are convincing. Find out more about characteristics and benefits of lightweight timber from Indonesia.

European timber regulation guide

Guide to EUTR

EU timber regulation

With the EUTR, a decisive step has been taken to combat illegal logging worldwide. This guide presents the most important elements of the EUTR in a comprehensive way and explains the legal requirements in a practice-oriented manner.

Timber Legality Assurance System

Indonesia's SVLK

The SVLK is a mandatory certification system for all operators in Indonesia. Since its recognition by the EU in 2016, all Indonesian exports come with FLEGT licences and are considered legal under the EUTR; EU importers therefore do not have to do any due diligence for FLEGT licensed products.


»Projects like the IPD are very important tools for business. Through the IPD, importers have access to suppliers and information that would otherwise be difficult to find. And more importantly, these suppliers have been evaluated by the IPD; this reduces the risk for importers.«

Christian Körting Pacheco 
Biomaderas GmbH

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Together in the service of import promotion

Find out more about our partner. 

Gesamtverband Deutscher Holzhandel e.V.  

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Sustainable wood products (Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ukraine)