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For importers and tour operators:

Reap the benefits of Ecuador’s diverse offers


The various climatic zones of the Andes and the fertile soil in the coastal region of Ecuador provide present perfect conditions for the cultivation of many agricultural products that are in great demand in Europe.

Plants from which herbal extracts, essential oils and spices are sourced thrive in the warm climate of South America just as well as tropical fruits. The focus is on ecological farming, which the Ecuadorian government directly promotes. 

In addition, Ecuador is famous as the rose-growing country. Small and medium-sized producers in particular supply roses with long, powerful stems and large flower heads. 

Ecuador has now also become a sought-after supplier of plantation teak, which originally was native to Asia. The many small and medium-sized enterprises in particular offer persuasively high-quality timber products sourced from legal and sustainable forestry.

The same applies for all products: IPD connects European importers with tried-and-tested producers.

However, its vast topographical diversity also makes Ecuador interesting for tourism. Anyone seeking to offer holiday travel off the beaten mass tourism track will find fascinating travel destinations here in the Andes highlands, in the Amazon Basin, on the scenic beaches or on the unique Galapagos Islands. IPD promotes sustainable tourism and mediates selected suppliers of nature, cultural and adventure tourism in Ecuador for European tourism specialists.


  • IPD regional office (HUB) guarantees thorough screening of suitable trade partners
  • Wide product diversity and scenic travel destinations
  • Free mediation of reliable suppliers and tour operators

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Our products from Ecuador

Fresh produce

Ecuador offers an abundance of tropical fruits, both rare exotics - such as pitahaya or tamarillo - and well-known fruits such as pineapple, dragon fruit and passion fruit. The fresh vegetable range of the IPD companies includes asparagus, artichokes and palm hearts, but also fresh herbs
such as basil and coriander.

Several bouquets of red roses stored next to each other

Cut flowers

Ecuador is known as THE rose country. In addition to the large flower farms, small and medium-sized companies offer roses of outstanding quality as well. Hydrangeas, callas and carnations are exported as well. 

Natural ingredients

The Amazon rainforest is home to over 3,000 species of medicinal and aromatic plants. The IPD range includes, for example, moringa and guayusa. Other natural ingredients of selected companies are spices, various nuts, sweeteners, dried fruits and various teas.

Sustainable tourism

IPD tour operators offer special products to European tourists, such as nature and wildlife tours, expeditions through the jungle, hiking or mountain biking in the Andes as well as community-based tourism in the Ecuadorian mountain cloud forest. 

A hand is feeling wooden boards

Sustainable wood products

Ecuadorian IPD companies offer high-quality wood products made from bamboo or plantation teak. Guadua bamboo is particularly robust, providing building material for load-bearing structures.

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Berlin //  07.03. - 09.03.2023

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Food & beverage industry

Food ingredients Europe 2022

Paris //  06.12. - 08.12.2022

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Trade fair for fresh produce  

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Country report Ecuador

IPD in Ecuador

IPD is active in Ecuador since 2018 and supports enterprises from the product groups of natural ingredients, fresh produce, sustainable wood, cut flowers, and sustainable tourism in accessing the European market.
Learn more about our work in our country report Ecuador.


Travel destination Ecuador

Sustainable nature experiences

Fascinating contrasts along the equator - Ecuador awaits its guests with a colourful, lively culture, diverse landscapes and breathtaking nature. Discover Ecuador's varied possibilities for your product portfolio. Our specialists for sustainable tourism are at your disposal.


Success Stories

Organic fruits

Niche product for Europe

With the support of IPD the young team of Tierra Orgánica has managed to successfully export organic fruits to the EU market. First business deals prove the potential of the products. 


New start in tourism

IPD is supporting the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador (MINTUR) as it prepares to relaunch tourism in the country. 

Your contact for Ecuador

Nora Eichkorn


Sustainable tourism (Ecuador, Nepal, Tunisia)

María Paula Gómez

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Natural ingredients (Colombia, Ecuador)

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Frank Maul

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Sustainable wood products (Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ukraine)

Natural Ingredients (Madagascar)

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Dr. Andreas Gemählich

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Cut flowers (Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya)

Daniel Oppermann

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Fresh produce (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)