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sustainable seafood

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Free contact mediation to evaluated suppliers of sustainable seafood
  • Our focus: sustainability, quality and transparency in the supply chain
  • All companies fulfil the high requirements of the European market and are familiar with sustainable fishery and aquaculture

Growing demand

Discover new sources of supply

Consumption and expenditure on fish and seafood in the European Union is growing year on year. At the same time Europe’s wild catches and aquaculture production is declining. The European seafood sector is therefore increasingly reliant on imports. In addition, consumers are attaching more and more importance to the fact that the seafood they buy comes from sustainable sources.

As an importer, you face the challenge of finding suppliers of sustainable fish and seafood. This is where we from IPD come in. We provide you with reliable producers with transparent supply chains that meet the international standards.

We support companies that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility. When selecting our producers, we therefore look for certifications such as MSC, ASC, BAP or GlobalG.A.P. or participation in a fishery or aquaculture improvement project (AIP/FIP).

We have already identified highly qualified fishing companies in Peru that are able to supply the European market sustainably and fairly.

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We assist you in buying sustainable seafood!

Our offer from Peru

  • Paiche (frozen) from the Peruvian rainforest
  • Rainbow trout (frozen) from the Puno region, Lake Titicaca
  • Shrimps vannamei (frozen) from Tumbes, north coast of Peru

We are currently examining the inclusion of suitable companies from South Africa and Madagascar in our programme in order to be able to offer you more sustainable seafood products.


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We introduce you to carefully selected seafood companies at European trade fairs or virtual B2B events and arrange direct contact for you. Thanks to our preparation, you will meet business partners who know what is important to European importers. At the same time, the companies in the IPD partner countries are given the opportunity to operate on the international market and creating new jobs in their countries – a win-win situation for both sides.

Our programme saves you time in sourcing new suppliers, gives you more clarity about the supply chain and the company you are sourcing from, as well as more safety in terms of reliability, sustainability and fairness of seafood supply.

We put you in touch with reliable exporters of sustainable seafood – neutrally and free of charge.

Sustainable seafood from our partner countries

A wide range of seafood from South America

Our IPD partner companies from Peru benefit from the diverse climatic and geographical conditions of this South American country. Whether freshwater fish from the Peruvian rainforest or seafood from the Pacific, Peru has a lot to offer as a source of sustainable seafood products.

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Federal Association of the German Fish Industry and Wholesale of Fish (BVFi)

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