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Welcome to the land of great variety: Sri Lanka!


The verdant island in the Indian Ocean is a reliable supplier for a whole list of high-quality natural ingredients. Of special significance here is the coconut, from which coconut oil and coconut blossom sugar are produced – ingredients that enjoy particular favour with European importers.

But Sri Lanka can do more than just coconut: Essential oils and extracts, products stemming from Sri Lanka’s rich and opulent fauna, are excellently suited for manufacturing cosmetics and wellness products.

The role of Sri Lanka as a pioneer in organic cultivation is particularly noteworthy. For many years now, the country’s spice industry has complied with international quality standards such as HACCP, ISO standards, GMP and Organic. Furthermore, Sri Lanka’s National Export Strategy (NES) is a major factor in the country’s pursuit of a new concept to strengthen export trade, which places special emphasis on promoting ecological agricultural production for exports.

When it comes to Sustainable Tourism, Sri Lanka offers an enormous variety in a small area. This makes it an exciting holiday destination for active tourists as well as those seeking relaxation who want to get to know a country with an impressive culture and diverse nature.


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Natural ingredients

Sri Lanka offers a wide range of products: high-quality spices, e.g. cinnamon and pepper, coconut products or dried fruits such as jackfruit or mango. Natural sweeteners are also part of the repertoire, such as the sweetness of the kithul plant.

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Sustainable tourism

Sri Lanka offers tourist attractions such as discovery tours for nature lovers and active holidaymakers, leading through rainforests, steppes, the highlands and to breathtaking beaches.

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Country report Sri Lanka

Harnessing organic potential

Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of organic farming products for export. Besides its well-known Ceylon tea, high-quality spices and coconut products, which are highly sought-after in the European market, are also grown here. The range of organic natural ingredients is constantly expanding, whilst the farming sector on the southern Asian island is an important driver of sustainable development and a creator of jobs, particularly in rural areas.

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