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Indonesia: treasure trove in the Pacific


More than 17,000 islands, spread across two continents: That is Indonesia. And so, it comes as no surprise that this island state in the Pacific counts as one of the five largest centres of biodiversity in the world. Its huge variety of species and the large number of endemic plants make Indonesia a highly interesting country for importers in Europe.

IPD has therefore selected a number of producers of natural ingredients (many in organic quality) offering, in particular, coconut products and essential oils and extracts. The exporters work together successfully with smallholder farmers, some of them organised in cooperatives. If you are active in the foods, pharmaceutics or cosmetics industry, then you definitely should get to know these carefully vetted IPD exporters more closely.

Indonesia is able to boast a long tradition in the wood processing sector. IPD very consciously supports the production off fast-growing, light woods sourced from Agroforestry systems. These sustainable, renewable resources generate respectable income for the local smallholders.

Especially important for importers: All products are FLEGT-licensed and can therefore be legally imported to Europe in the terms of the European Timber Regulation (EUTR).


  • FLEGT-licensed timber products
  • Huge diversity of natural ingredients
  • Contact mediation to suppliers thoroughly qualified by IPD

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Our products from Indonesia
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Natural ingredients

The variety of natural ingredients in Indonesia is well known: Salts and spices, organic specialty rice, nectars, various coconut products, or essential oils and extracts - IPD suppliers deliver them in outstanding quality.

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Sustainable wood products

The repertoire of Indonesian IPD companies includes classic hardwood products such as meranti and teak, but also plywood and glue-laminated panels made from fast-growing plantation woods such as jabon and albasia.

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Lightweight timber

from Indonesia

It is not only the weight that is convincing. Find out about all the features and benefits.


Sustained export promotion

Coconut sugar from Java

The Indonesian company has been participating in the IPD's export promotion program since 2015 and has developed into an internationally active trading company.

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