Cut flowers

Beautiful flowers thanks to favorable climatic conditions

Captivating. Roses from Ethiopia. With environmental quality from Europe. The IPD provides you with access to rose growers from different regions of Ethiopia such as Bahir Dar, Debrezeit and Holeta. The exporters are certified according to the Dutch Milieu Programma Sierteelt, the highest level of recognition for environment-friendly businesses. You are looking for Fair Trade? Here too we have the right contacts for you. All suppliers respect the code of practice of the local Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA) for safe and sustainable production - the equivalent of GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Tropical flowers and foliage from Colombia

We also arrange access to Colombian exporters of tropical flowers and foliage in collaboration with our Dutch partner organisation CBI.

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Buying missions // Dates on request

Buying missions – individually organised to your requirements

Lower your sourcing costs!

Are you looking for a specific product? And you don’t know yet from where, from whom?
You are interested in importing products from Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia or Tunisia? But you lack contacts to suitable exporters?
Finding reliable suppliers takes time and costs money.

The IPD supports you to reduce this effort and opens up new foreign supply sources.
We organize buying missions individually arranged for you – fully tailored to your needs.

You tell us your demands. We identify suitable exporters in our partner countries and
arrange – in consultation with you –  visits to carefully selected companies.

All suppliers are visited by us in advance and evaluated according to strict criteria, including product quality, export capacities, compliance with international standards and certifications etc.  

Your benefits:
•    Direct contact to thoroughly tested exporters – selected according to your requirements
•    Inspection of product quality and production conditions directly on the spot.
•    Tailored-made b2b meetings.

Take advantage of our offer. Save time and reduce your risk!
We look forward to providing you with detailed information about our services.

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Bonn // 25.07.2018

IPD intensifies activities for sustainable economic development

German import promotion initiative is now active in 13 countries and 5 sectors

Bonn/Berlin, 25.07.2018 – Since 2012, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) has assisted small-to-medium-sized enterprises in selected developing and emerging counties to ac-cess the European market. In its third project phase, the IPD expands activities to 13 partner countries and five sectors. The IPD supports export companies on the so-called "last mile"– it accompanies producers to the European market, arranges contacts with importers, thereby closing a strategic gap at the interface of development cooperation and foreign trade.

Bonn/Staelen // 05.07.2019

4th BGI Cut Flower Day: New sources for international imports

"Re-thinking import activities" - this is the title of the 4th Cut Flower Day organised by the "Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade" (BGI), which this time took place in cooperation with the IPD. Currently, around 90 percent of cut flower imports are delivered via the Netherlands. Despite, the interest on the part of German wholesalers and retailers and their readiness for direct imports is large. This was confirmed by this year's Cut Flower Day, where IPD presented new study results on the export potential and the demand situation for cut flowers from the IPD partner countries. Further, IPD took the opportunity to talk to florists about the demands they place on their partners and their quality standards.

Further information on the Cut Flower Day can be found here.

Product Fact Sheets

Product Fact Sheet

Requirements of exporting cut flowers and foliage to the European market? (provided by CBI)

Cut flowers and foliage are subject to various legal and non-legal requirements. Satisfying basic buyer requirements and legal requirements is a must for exporters to the European market, but additional efforts also offer opportunities for distinguishing yourself. Phytosanitary requirements as well as product labelling and packaging requirements of buyers should be followed strictly. This document provides an overview of the most commonly used buyer requirements and standards.

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Product Fact Sheet

Exporting roses to Germany (provided by CBI)

Germany is the largest market for cut roses in Europe. Imports of roses to Germany increased from €272 million to €309 million between 2011 and 2015. The main import partner is the Netherlands, which supplies about 84% of the total rose imports, most of which are re-exported from developing countries. Opportunities arise among other things from a growing market for Fairtrade roses in the supermarket channel.

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Product Fact Sheet

Exporting hortensia to Europe (provided by CBI)

Europe offers opportunities for exporters of hortensia. Here you'll find the information you need to help you get your hortensia on the European market.

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Product Fact Sheet

Exporting fresh cut flowers and foliage to the European specialised retail market (provided by CBI)

Flower shops are the main sales channel for cut flowers in Europe. Competition from supermarkets and other unspecialised stores is increasing. In response, flower shops are lowering prices, diversifying their product offerings, paying more attention to their shop design and online shops, and organising joint purchasing. European flower shops are becoming more professional than ever. The specialised retail channel is supplied by specialised wholesalers through cash and carries or “Flying Dutchmen” who bring flowers to the florists’ shops. A large share of the flowers in the specialised channel is sourced through the Dutch flower auction, which thus serves as the main point of entry for developing country (DC) exporters who want to supply the specialised market.

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Product Fact Sheet

Exporting foliage to Germany (provided by CBI)

Germany is the largest flower market in Europe. After a few years of decline, imports of foliage are increasing again. German consumers traditionally buy a lot of mixed bouquets at florist’s shops. The increasing market share of supermarkets is a concern to suppliers of mixed bouquets and foliage. Collaboration with Dutch traders that specialise in supplying to German retailers and additional efforts to promote mixed bouquets in supermarkets are an opportunity to increase demand further.

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