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cut flowers

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Free mediation of contacts to thoroughly tried-and-tested producers of cut flowers
  • Flowers with large heads and intensive colours thanks to the equatorial sun and the Andes climate
  • Reliable suppliers who are familiar with the requirements of the EU market

Outstanding variety and quality

Bring the floral beauty of the equator to Europe

Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya offer excellent climatic conditions for flower growing. The warming sun or the location in the Andean highlands yield marvellous flowers with magnificent blossoms and strong stems, which are in high demand on the European market.

As an importer of cut flowers there is no need for you to personally embark on the time-consuming and cost-intensive search for suitable exporters. We have already done this job for you. We offer you direct access to small producers whose cut flowers you would normally only be able to buy via larger farms.

We have identified highly promising producers of cut flowers for you who are able to reliably meet the seasonal demand on the EU market. We prepare the suppliers thoroughly for the European market: giving attention not only to product quality, exportability and capacity, and compliance with international standards and certification, but also to their efficiency in terms of logistics and shipment.

Take advantage of all these benefits of tried-and-tested IPD companies and import cut flowers from South America that are sure to please.

Our services

Get in touch with us!

We assist you in buying all kinds of cut flowers!

Our offer:

  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Alstromeria
  • Callas
  • Hydrangeas
  • Carnations
  • Summer flowers (Hypericum, kangaroo paw etc.)
  • Cut foliage or Gypsophila (Gypsophila)
  • and many more!

Our matchmaking events

Meet carefully selected suppliers of cut flowers 

Kenia // 06.06. - 10.06.2023

Discover the cut flower paradise Kenya!
Check out the production conditions of Kenyan cut flower producers on site

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Cut flowers from our partner countries

A colourful world of flowers from the tropics

Our IPD partner companies in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya benefit from the favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of magnificent cut flowers. See the countries' rich offer for yourself. 

»Since the beginning of our purchasing cooperative Flora Blumenimport, we have always tried to work with smaller producers at home and abroad. Thanks to IPD, we have found some interesting, medium-sized family farms in Colombia and Ecuador that we did not know before and from which we are buying more and more. «

Christian Willeke
Willeke Blumen
Flora Blumenimport eG

Bulletin board "cut flowers"

New partner country Kenya

IPD expands its engagement!

On the first fact finding mission to Kenya, IPD experts met promising producers of cut flowers. IPD has already been able to include six export-ready companies in its programme.

In future, IPD will be able to offer importers a wide variety of summer flowers from Kenya, such as hypericum and kangaroo paw, in addition to roses and alstromeria. The Kenyan portfolio complements the existing IPD offer from Ecuador and Colombia with further varieties.

trade journal

"Close to Green"

Hand in hand: export and import promotion

IPD highlights the importance of the international cut flower trade for developing and emerging countries in the current BGI magazine "Close to Green".

The European import and wholesale trade can contribute to improving the economic, but also the social and ecological situation in the producing countries. To this end, IPD successfully uses synergies with export promotion organisations in the countries. 

Read more on p. 32.

event brochure

Reliable IPD exporters of cut flowers

If you are looking for cut flowers of the best quality, you are sure to find what you are looking for with our partners from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya.

We introduce you to evauluated exporters. First information about the companies and their offer you find in our brochure - download it now.

Our partner

Together in the service of import promotion

Find out more about our partner.

The Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade (BGI)

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Cut flowers (Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya)