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"Kingdom of miracles"


Cambodia is not only known for its unique culture, but also as an emerging sourcing market for natural products in Southeast Asia. This potential is actively promoted by the Cambodian government, which supports sustainable agricultural practices through its ‘Rectangular Strategy - Phase 4’. 

This support has a noticeable impact on the natural ingredients sector. It drives diversification and modernisation, which increases productivity and quality. 

Cambodia boasts a diverse selection of high-quality ingredients, for example:

  • Kampot pepper, known worldwide for its unique flavour
  • Cashew nuts of a special quality and size
  • Processed mango and other exotic fruits such as pineapple, bananas and passion fruit
  • Palmyra palm blossom sugar with its balanced sweetness and unmistakable flavours
  • Spices and herbs such as cinnamon, ginger and turmeric
  • Medicinal herbs and aromatic plants such as lemongrass, jasmine and moringa

Many products are grown by small, family-run and women-run farmers' cooperatives that practise sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. 

For you as a buyer, this means a high level of traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

IPD is currently identifying promising producers in Cambodia and checks the companies according to strict criteria such as product quality, exportability, export capacity and fulfilment of international standards and certifications (e.g. organic, ISO standards, HACCP, IFS, BRC or Fairtrade).

We put you in touch with new suppliers that we have carefully prepared for the European market. Benefit from our pre-selection for your sourcing!

Your benefits

  • Vast potential for organic farming
  • Direct imports without intermediaries
  • Suppliers thoroughly qualified by IPD

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Our products from Cambodia
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Natural ingredients

IPD producers from Cambodia offer a wide range of products, including Kampot pepper, ginger, turmeric and processed fruits, as well as a variety of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants.

We connect you to your new business partners. 

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about our diverse range of offers from Cambodia.

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