Reduce sourcing costs

Increase contacts, certainty and save time.

You are planning to import? But you don't know yet from where, from whom, and how?
The Import Promotion Desk provides you with answers, competence and contacts. 
We take work off your shoulders in accessing new foreign supply sources from A to Z.

Obtain more clarity.

Who supplies what? What features does the product have? How much does it cost? What about its quality? What are the terms? How quickly can it be delivered?

Many importers lack the necessary information and contacts to suitable exporters. Finding answers involves substantial use of personnel, takes time and costs money.

Cut the process short. 

Time constraints are also a major challenge. Frequently suppliers have to be found within a  few months. There is no way around this, no matter how great the input of personnel and financial resources. Yet another factor is the protracted and cost-intensive initiation of the transaction, contract negotiations, quality controls and much more.

Be on the safe side. 

Risks arise where there is a lack of information. When new relations to suppliers are established, there is in particular an information deficit on the features of the products, the reliability of the shipment in terms of punctuality, longevity, adherence to quality standards and international labour law standards.

We keep you up to date on our offers.

Always at your side –
at every stage of the importing process

Be well informed, optimise risk and have less work when sourcing internationally – that is the service we promise to provide. The Import Promotion Desk offers European importers a customised range of services. It supports you in international procurement of numerous products and raw materials. It opens up new, lucrative supply markets. Always neutral and cost-optimized.

We are currently brokering contacts to exporters from the following partner countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia,  Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Peru, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Market observation

Market studies. Information on industries and countries. The IPD provides you with the knowledge you need to tap new growth markets. We provide you with know-how. Give you information on the current general conditions in the partner countries. Establish contacts to local business organisations and bodies that promote exporting.

Market access and expansion 

The IPD puts you in touch with the right exporters. We use targeted market matching to provide you with sustained business contacts to reliable suppliers. For this we organise visits to trade fairs in Europe and sourcing trips to our partner countries for you. Obtain information directly in the field on product quality and production conditions. Profit from full transparency for sustained business relations.

Our evaluation –
so your success is not left to chance.

The search for your new supplier always has a method with the IPD. Each of our exporters is first evaluated according to strict criteria and selected individually in accordance with the requirements of the German importers.

Strict criteria – good exporters

In order to obtain and identify suitable exporters, we continuously review prospective suppliers. Only those firms that have already met all the requirements of the IPD in preliminary selection procedures are qualified for our detailed review process.

Central evaluation criteria include the product range, the production capacities, the foreign language capacities and the internal process documentation of the individual exporter. In addition, we focus on complying with quality-, social, and environmental standards. The fulfilment of international standards and certifications including GLOBALG.A.P., ISO, IFS, HAACP and FSC is essential.

Here’s to good development

Setting development policy objectives is a pillar of the IPD. By establishing long-term relationships to appropriate buyers, our exporters are able to successfully penetrate the European market. As a result, we contribute to economic growth in our partner countries and promote sustainable development. The direct responsibility of the exporter in his development process and the creation of new jobs are thus equally relevant when we select our suppliers.

Get in touch with us. We connect you to the right exporters. 

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