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Benefit from our contacts to Ukraine

Import opportunities despite war

Starting in 2018, IPD has been active in Ukraine in the product groups Fresh Produce, Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Wood Products and supports Ukrainian producers in their entry into the European market.

Since the war began, IPD experts have remained in close contact with the companies in the IPD programme, knowing their needs and supporting their export efforts.

Many Ukrainian companies are still producing and looking for markets for their products in Europe. At the same time, European importers are very interested in Ukrainian products and want to establish trade relations in these difficult times.

We offer you the opportunity to meet Ukrainian suppliers of fresh produce and natural ingredients through various activities, such as our virtual B2B events or European trade fairs.

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Ukraine Special Programme

On behalf of BMZ, IPD has initiated the "Ukraine Special Programme "(UASP) to expand its commitment in Ukraine.

  • IPD takes new Ukrainian companies into its support programme at short notice and connects them with European trade partners through targeted matchmaking activities. 
  • The basic condition is: the small and medium-sized enterprises have products for export that are not needed in Ukraine and have no marketing opportunities there.
  • Usually, the IPD experts visit the companies on site to check them for certain criteria such as quality, delivery capacities, logistics and company size. As onsite visits are currently not possible, these are replaced by online meetings where the IPD experts can interview the suppliers and get to know them better.

The aim of the IPD is to bring European traders together with export-ready producers in terms of product quality, delivery quantity and logistics, and to establish the basis for a long-term partnership. 

Our products from the Ukraine
Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Ukrainian farmers offer an abundant supply of conventional and organic products. The export of fresh berries has increased 17 times in the past four years (FAO). Melons, Hokkaido, sweet potatoes, stone fruit and much more are also exported. 

A selection of different spices is presented on spoons

Natural ingredients

Despite the war, many Ukrainian suppliers are able to export products such as dried & frozen berries, birch water, various herbs, dried mushrooms, amaranth and much more.

A hand is feeling wooden boards

Sustainable wood products

In the wood sector, Ukraine offers blockboards, stair treads, parquet flooring as well as prefabricated furniture parts, sawn timber, windows and others. IPD supports suppliers in meeting the EUTR requirements.

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Our matchmaking events

Get to know our companies from Ukraine

Carrefour du bois

International Timber Trade Show

Carrefour International du Bois 2024

Nantes // 28 - 30 May 2024

Connect with reliable wood suppliers and convince yourself of the quality of their products!

At Carrefour International…


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Natural ingredients (Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Tunisia, Ukraine)
Fresh Produce (Ukraine)

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Sustainable wood products (Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia)