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International tourism trade fair

ITB Berlin 2023

Berlin //  07.03. - 09.03.2023

Meet evaluated travel providers!
Discover sustainable offers in Nepal, Tunisia, Ecuador, and Uzbekistan!

At ITB Berlin, IPD presents carefully selected tourism partners from developing and emerging countries that have sustainability and, above all, the needs of European tourists in mind.

Find out about the offers from these destinations:

Nepal is a country of exhilarating natural beauty and spirituality: From hiking in the world's most iconic mountain region, to walking Kathmandu's historic sites, to spotting tigers and elephants in the southern national parks - the product range is diverse.

Tunisia has a lot of surprising tourist attractions for those who venture away from the sandy beaches: palm-studded oases amid the Saharan dunes, vast ancient ruins and authentic Berber villages. 

Uzbekistan offers oriental flair along the Silk Road: mountain passes, fertile valleys, deserts and oases meet a rich history and fascinating culture. The offers of the IPD companies guarantee pure fascination.

Ecuador is a natural and active destination with high tourist potential: Volcanic mountain landscapes, extensive bathing beaches, the original Amazon region with its indigenous people, the city of Cuenca and the famous Galapagos Islands. 

IPD connects you with reliable tour operators, all carefully checked and prepared to meet the requirements of the European travel market. 

A detailed overview of the IPD partners as well as all tourism products can be found here from January 2023.

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