Organic products thanks to fertile soil

The Ukraine is among the world’s largest agricultural producers with over 70 percent of its area used for agriculture. 56 percent of the land consists of black-earth soil, the richest and most fertile soil on earth. This nutrient-laden base together with the favourable conditions are the best prerequisites for organic farming - and indeed the range of organic products in the Ukraine is increasing year on year.

This enables Ukrainian producers to offer the market a wide variety of natural products in organic quality for the food industry. The range of dried and frozen berries is especially impressive, but there are also other organically produced goods with high export quality, including sustainably harvested walnuts, dried wild herbs and various types of high-grade honey.
Additionally, Ukrainian farmers offer an extensive range of products in the fruits and vegetables sector. The export of fresh berries in particular is now 17 times what it was four years ago (FAO).

In the long-term, the expansion of organic agriculture will contribute to sustainable economic development and enable the Ukraine to increase exports to the EU. Reduced trade barriers form the basis for this: the DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) with the EU has been in place since 2016 and from 2017 the EU also granted the Ukraine extended zero tariff quotas on several agricultural products.

The IPD currently identifies reliable suppliers for high-quality products from the Ukraine.


Natural ingredients for food

  • Frozen & dried berries like blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, elderberries
  • Walnuts
  • Honey
  • Dried wild herbs (in organic quality)
  • Birch juice from wild collection (in organic quality)
  • Raw and processed grain, e.g. spelt, buckwheat, sweet pea, rye

Fresh fruit and vegetables:

  • Raspberries and blueberries (in organic quality)
  • Pears, apples
  • Melons
  • Garlic
  • Pumpkin

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Buying mission to Ukraine // 16.08. - 22.08.2020
Buying mission to Ukraine // 16.08. - 22.08.2020

Still scheduled: Buying mission to Ukraine: Fresh fruit & vegetables

The IPD is closely following the developments surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic. At this time we still assume that the buying mission to Ukraine will take place. We will keep you informed about the current status.

International buying: Meet reliable suppliers directly on site. 

The Ukraine is among the world’s largest agricultural producers with over 70 percent of its area used for agriculture. 56 percent of the land consists of black-earth soil, the richest and most fertile soil on earth. This nutrient-laden base together with the favourable conditions offer the best conditions for a rich product range. In particular, the Ukraine also provide organically produced goods with high export quality.
Find out more about the quality of the Ukrainian products on site.

We are organising a buying mission to the Ukraine from the 16th to the 22nd of August 2020. We will arrange visits to carefully selected fruit and vegetable exporters for you. Whether blueberries, apples, peaches, watermelons or products such as onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and sweet potatoes – the variety of our exporters is wide and of high quality.

All companies have been visited and carefully evaluated by IPD and its partners. We consider criteria such as product quality, exportability and capacity as well as the fulfilment of international standards and certifications.

Your benefits

  • Individually arranged company visits to carefully selected exporters
  • Visiting the production facilities and checking product quality directly on the spot
  • Meeting reliable suppliers – tailored to your requirements: We inform you in advance, which suppliers offer your desired product.
  • Exchange and networking with other European buyers and traders

Use the buying mission to expand your supplier network. 

Registration deadline: 29 th May 2020
The number of participants is limited, so we recommend an early registration.

For further information and regsitration please contact:

Linda Mense


Bonn/Nürnberg // 27.01.2020

BIOFACH 2020: IPD presents coconut specialities from Sri Lanka

IPD supports exhibitors from Sri Lanka and ten more partner countries at Biofach.

Bonn/Berlin, 27.01.2020 – At this year’s Biofach the product variety of the coconut palm is presented by exhibitors from Sri Lanka: They are bringing a variety of coconut specialities such as dried coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut butter, coconut flour, coconut milk and coconut water to the world's leading trade fair for organic food, which takes place in Nuremberg from February 12 to 15. Further highlights from Sri Lanka are spices such as Ceylon cinnamon and different varieties of pepper, as well as essential oils. Besides the exhibitors from Sri Lanka, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports exporters from Colombia, Côte d´Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Kyrgyz-stan, Tunisia and Ukraine. They will be presenting their regional specialities in organic qual-ity at the joint stand of IPD and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) (Booth 3A | 3A-220) as well as at the national pavilions.

Bonn/Berlin // 15.01.2020

Fruit Logistica 2020: Pitahayas, Physalis & Co. - Ecuador convinces with fruity variety

Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports exporters from Ecuador and seven more partner countries at the international trade fair for fruits and vegetables

Bonn/Berlin, 16.01.2020 – Ecuador is known for its biodiversity and offers a wide range of tropical fruits. The South American country lives up to its reputation at this year's Fruit Logistica, which takes place in Berlin from 5. to 7. of February. With bananas, pineapples, pitahayas, physalis and passionfruit, the exhibitors present a richly filled fruit basket (Hall
21 Booth B‐06). Import Promotion Desk (IPD), the German initiative for import promotion, has been supporting the partner country of this year's Fruit Logistica for two years now, and
accompanies producers to the European market. This year the IPD brings six companies from Ecuador to the international trade fair. In total, over 40 companies from eight IPD partner countries ‐ from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Côte d`Ivoire, Ghana, Colombia, Peru and the Ukraine ‐ will present their range of fresh fruits and vegetables in Berlin.

Paris/Bonn 12.11.2019

Food Ingredients Europe 2019: natural ingredients from Sri Lanka and Ecuador

Import Promotion Desk brings natural ingredients from developing and emerging countries to this year´s Food Ingredients Europe (FIE)

Bonn/Berlin, 12.11.2019 – High-quality extracts and exceptional vegetable and fruit pow-ders will be presented by exhibitors from Sri Lanka and Ecuador at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FIE), the international trade fair for food ingredients, which takes place from 3 to 5 December in Paris. Due to the high quality of the raw materials and the gentle manufacturing processes, the products retain their high content of nutrients and active components. The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports producers from Sir Lanka, Ecuador and other partner countries in presenting their great product diversity and special product quality to international buyers.

Bonn/ Nuremberg // 22.01.2019
Bonn/ Nuremberg // 22.01.2019

BIOFACH 2019: Exotic herbs, spices and oils

Import Promotion Desk supports organic producers from developing and emerging countries

Bonn/Berlin, 22.01.2019 – Coriander and Sesame oil from Egypt, cinnamon and coconut oil from Indonesia, ginger and Jatamansi oil from Nepal – the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) brings a wide range of exotic herbs, spices and oils to BIOFACH 2019. Around 40 companies from 12 countries will showcase their diverse range of organic products at the world´s largest trade fair for organic food with the support of the German partner of im-port promotion, which takes place from 13 to 16 February in Nuremberg. The products include herbs, spices and teas, essential and cold-pressed oils. In addition, the exporters will be presenting the regional specialties in organic quality at the joint stand shared by the IPD with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (Stand 4 | 4-561) and at the respective national pavilions.

Facts & Figures

Basic Data

Official Name: Ukraine (Ukrajina)
Government  type:Republic
Head of state: Petro Poroschenko (President, 07.06.2014)
Commercial languages: Ukranian, Russian, English
Time difference: CET +1 March-October: CET +2
Currency: Hrywnja (UAH) 1 Hrywnja = 100 Kopijok
Prefix number:+380
Area:603.550  km²
Population:45,6 million (according to Federal Foreign Office)
Largest cities and agglomerations: Kiew (2,9 million), Charkiw (1,5 million), Dnipro (987 thousand), Donezk (954 thousand)
Most important exhibition centres:Kiew, Lviv
Largest airports: Kiew-Boryspil, Odessa, Dnipro
Ports: Odessa, Tschornomorsk, Mykolaji, Cherson

Economic Data

GDP2017: 109,3 billion US$
2018: 119,1 billion US$ (forecast)
2019: 126,7 billion US$ (forecast)
GDP per capita2017: 68.711 US$ (estimate)
2018: 78.875 US$ (forecast)
2019: 88.150 US$ (forecast)
Economic growth2017: 2,5 %
2018: 3,2% (estimate)
2019: 3,3% (forecast)
Inflation rate2017: 14,4%
2018: 11,0% (estimate)
2019: 8,0% (forecast)
Exchange rate1 US$ = 27,035 UAH
1 Euro = 30,279 UAH
(Effective: April 2019)
Membership in regional OrganizationsBSEC
Most important industries Manufacturing industry; agriculture; forestry; fishing; trade, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; transport and storage; mining and quarrying of stone and soil

Trade Data


Volumes2015: 38,1 billion US$
2016: 36,4 billion US$
2017: 43,4 billion US$
Most important trade partnersRussia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, India, China, Egypt
Products und merchandise groupFood products, iron and steel, raw materials, natural oils, fats, waxes, electrotechnics


Volumes2015: 37,5 billion US$
2016: 39,2 billion US$
2017: 49,4 billion US$
Most important trade partnersRussia, China, Germany, Poland, Belarus, USA, Switzerland
Products und merchandise groupMachinery, petrochemical industry, gas, motor vehicles and parts, coal
Data source: iXPOS, Federal Foreign Office, AUMA, Germany Trade & Invest – All information is supplied without guarantee.


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