Great organic produce and much to discover

Fresh fruit and vegetable, herbs and oils
Tunisia offers exceptional natural products that are typical of the North African region. These include not only apricots, dates, olive oil, and fiery spice mixtures such as harissa paste; Tunisia is also an attractive procurement market for dried organic herbs

Tunisian traders also offer high-quality essential oils from wild herbs, such as myrtle or rosemary oil. These wild herb oils are ideal for naturopathic applications. A real rarity from Tunisia is prickly pear seed oil. This valuable oil is especially in demand from natural cosmetics manufacturers.

Tunisia has undertaken a great deal to meet the requirements of the European market. Many farmers and processing companies comply with European quality standards, and the proportion of organic farming in Tunisia’s agriculture is growing. At the same time, Tunisia is on the EU third country list, which facilitates the import of organic products from Tunisia.

The IPD supports European importers in their search for high-quality products from Tunisia and brings them together with carefully selected exporters.


Fresh fruit and vegetables:

  • Fruit such as apricots, dates, melons, peaches, citrus fruit
  • Vegetables, e.g. artichokes, tomatoes
  • Fresh herbs

Natural ingredients for foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products:

  • Fruit pulp, e.g. prickly pear
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Organic quality dried herbs, e.g. basil, dill, coriander, rosemary, olive leaves, parsley, peppermint, thyme
  • Wild-harvested carob fruit pods and carob seeds
  • Essential oils, including rosemary oil, myrtle oil, neroli oil
  • Fatty oils and cold-pressed seed oils such as prickly pear seed oil, almond oil, black cumin seed oil, etc.
  • Sweeteners such as date syrup, date flour, prickly pear syrup
  • Spices, e.g. harissa products
  • Products based on spirulina algae

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    Destinations off the mass tourism track
    The fascination of the Sahara, desert castles and Berber villages, medinas with oriental flair, ancient ruins, the holy city of Kairouan or the archaeological heritage of Carthage – Tunisia is aware of its responsibility to protect the country’s valuable natural landscapes and cultural diversity.

    Tunisian tour operators are therefore looking for new ways to depart from the mass tourism track and head towards sustainable tourism.

    The IPD supports this tourism, which values the cultural and natural resources of the country and respects the interests of the population and the environment. To this end, the IPD mediates selected providers of cultural and adventure tours to attractive Tunisian destinations for European tourism operators.
    All providers have been carefully tested and have been trained on the requirements of the EU travel market.


    Cultural and adventure travel:

    • Adventure trips with nature and bird watching
    • Family trips with accommodation in an eco hotel
    • Adventure trips to the Tunisian Sahara, including desert safaris and camel trekking
    • Cultural and historical tours to historical sites in Tunisia (including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Kairouan, Dougga, Sousse)
    • Wine and gourmet tours with historical reference


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      Trade fair in Cologne // 05.10. - 09.10.2019
      Trade fair in Cologne // 05.10. - 09.10.2019

      Anuga 2019

      Benefit from our services for importers at the world's largest trade fair for food and beverages!

      We will introduce you to carefully checked producers from selected developing and emerging countries. From dried herbs and frozen fruit and vegetables to oils and teas - our partner companies bring a wide and high-quality range of products to Europe.

      Get to know innovative products and check the producers and the quality of their products!
      We will provide you with detailed information about the producers in the run-up to Anuga. And at the trade fair we will connect you directly with these reliable suppliers.

      All exporters have been visited and carefully evaluated by IPD in advance. Criteria such as product quality, export capability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications were taken into account.

      We connect you with reliable suppliers.
      Take advantage of Anuga for individual meetings.

      More information on IPD exporters and their product range you find here.
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      Tabea Mack


      Trade fair in Madird // 22.10. - 24.10.2019
      Trade fair in Madird // 22.10. - 24.10.2019

      Fruit Attraction 2019

      New exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables from the partner countries

      Fruit Attraction 2019 – one of the leading trade fairs of the fruit and vegetable sector

      More than 1,600 exhibitors and 70,000 experts from 120 countries will meet again this year in Madrid.

      IPD will present carefully selected and tested producers, e.g. from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Peru.

      The companies will offer a wide range of products, for example:

      • Granadillas, mangoes, papayas, pomegranates
      • Avocados, physalis, strawberries, grapes and dates
      • Sweet potatoes, peas, beans, mangetout, tomatoes, onions etc.

      All exporters have been thoroughly evaluated by IPD. Criteria such as product quality, export capability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications have been considered. The exporters are familiar with the requirements of the EU market and prepared for the export.

      A detailed overview of the companies and all products can be found here from September.

      For further information or questions please contact us:

      Linda Mense


      Trade fair in Paris // 03.12. - 05.12.2019
      Trade fair in Paris // 03.12. - 05.12.2019

      Food Ingredients Europe 2019

      Benefit from FiE to make new business contacts.
      Meet reliable suppliers.
      Find out about innovative ingredients. 

      At Europe's most important trade fair for natural ingredients, IPD will once again be presenting specialities from selected partner countries, including Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, Pakistan, South Africa and Egypt.

      Our exporters will bring a wide range of high-quality products to the trade fair. We will provide you with direct contact to these carefully selected suppliers.
      All exporters have been visited and evaluated carefully by IPD. Criteria such as product quality, export capability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications have been considered.

      We connect you with reliable suppliers.
      Take advantage of the FiE fair for individual meetings.
      Detailed information on the exporters and their products will be available here in October.

      For further informationen please contact:

      Kathrin Seelige



      Bonn/ Nuremberg // 22.01.2019
      Bonn/ Nuremberg // 22.01.2019

      BIOFACH 2019: Exotic herbs, spices and oils

      Import Promotion Desk supports organic producers from developing and emerging countries

      Bonn/Berlin, 22.01.2019 – Coriander and Sesame oil from Egypt, cinnamon and coconut oil from Indonesia, ginger and Jatamansi oil from Nepal – the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) brings a wide range of exotic herbs, spices and oils to BIOFACH 2019. Around 40 companies from 12 countries will showcase their diverse range of organic products at the world´s largest trade fair for organic food with the support of the German partner of im-port promotion, which takes place from 13 to 16 February in Nuremberg. The products include herbs, spices and teas, essential and cold-pressed oils. In addition, the exporters will be presenting the regional specialties in organic quality at the joint stand shared by the IPD with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (Stand 4 | 4-561) and at the respective national pavilions.

      Berlin // 21.01.2019

      Fruit Logistica 2019: Diversity of berries from Ethiopia

      The Import Promotion Desk brings exporters from seven developing and emerging countries to the international trade fair for fruit and vegetables.

      Bonn/Berlin, 21.01.2019 – Strawberries and blueberries are highlights at the country stand of Ethiopia (Stand 26 | F‐28) at this year's Fruit Logistica, which takes place from 6 to 8 February 2019 in Berlin. The exhibitors from Ethiopia bring a wide range of berries to the fair, including San Andreas, Sweet Ann and Montery Strawberries. Due to the climate conditions, berries in Ethiopia can be cultivated in Ethiopia all year round in high quality. Other products such as beans, physalis, prickly pears and sugar snap are also exhibited by the companies from the African hinterland at the Ethiopian Horticulture Producers Exporters Association (EHPEA) stand, organized with the support of the Import Promotion Desk (IPD). The German partner for import promotion also presents exporters from Egypt, Ecuador, Colombia, Mozambique, Peru and Tunisia and a wide range of regional products.

      Bonn/Berlin // 04.10.2018

      SIAL 2018: Product diversity from Ethiopia

      Import Promotion Desk presents specialities from emerging markets and developing countries at the international food exhibition

      Bonn/Berlin (Germany), 4 October 2018 – With “Worldwide Sourcing for Europe” as its motto, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) together with the “Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries” (CBI), an import promotion programme from the Netherlands, will present regional producers from emerging markets and developing countries at SIAL. The exhibition, the leading food exhibition, will take place from 21 to 25 October 2018 in Paris.
      26 exporters from Egypt, Ethiopia, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Peru, Tunisia, and Mozambique will offer a wide product range of regional specialities. A special focus at the IPD exhibition stand will be on the IPD partner nation Ethiopia: teff and spices, beans and pulses, seeds and oilseed – the Ethiopian companies demonstrate the product diversity of this African country.

      Success Stories

      Success Story

      Organic herbs from Tunisia


      Tunisia is an attractive procurement market for dried herbs. Yet this is a little-known fact for many German importers. Most only know of Tunisia as an important export nation for olive oil. In the Kairouan region, the exporter Herbiotech employs an entire village in the cultivation of organic herbs. The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports the Tunisian trader as they introduce their premium-quality products to the EU market.

      Facts & Figures

      Basic Data

      Official Name:Tunisian Republic ( El Djumhuriyya El Tunisiya, République tunisienne)
      Government  type:Presidential republic with bicameral parliament
      Head of state:Béji Caïd Essebsi (president)
      Commercial languages:Arabic, French
      Time difference:CET
      Currency:Tunisian Dinar (TND)
      Prefix number:+216
      Area:164,150  km²
      Population:11.3 million (2017, estimate)
      Largest cities and agglomerations:Tunis (approx. 2,0 million inhabitants including suburbs), Sfax (256,000 inhabitants), Susa (173,000 inhabitants)
      Most important exhibition centres:Tunis
      Largest airports:Tunis (Carthage International), Monastir
      Ports:La Goulette (Tunis), Sfax, Rades

      Economic Data

      GDP2016: 42.1 billion US$
      2017: 39.9 billion US$ (forecast) 
      2018: 39.3 billion US$ (forecast)
      GDP per capita2016: 3,749 US$ (estimate)
      2017: 3,518 US$  (forecast) 
      2018: 3,429 US$ (forecast)
      Economic growth2016: 1.0 % (estimate)
      2017: 2.3 % (forecast) 
      2018: 3.0 % (forecast)
      Inflation rate2016: 3.7 % 
      2017: 4.5 % (forecast) 
      2018: 4.4 % (forecast)
      Exchange rate1 US$ = 2.38 TND
      1 Euro = 2.96 TND
      (effective: April 2018)
      Membership in regional OrganizationsArab League, Organization of African Unity (OAU), Arab Maghreb Union (UMA), Non-Aligned Movement, Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
      Country creditworthiness rating (Institutional Investor)March 2016: Rank 77
      Creditworthiness index: 42.2
      Most important industriesMining, manufacturing, trade, tourism, transport and communication

      Trade Data


      Volumes2014: 16.8 billion US$
      2015: 14.1 billion US$
      2016: 13.6 billion US$
      Most important trade partnersFrance, Italy, Germany Libya, Spain
      Products und merchandise groupMechanic and electric industries, energy and lubricants, textiles, clothing, leather


      Volumes2014: 24.8 billion US$ 
      2015: 20.2 billion US$
      2016: 19.5 billion US$
      Most important trade partnersFrance, Italy, Germany, China, Algeria
      Products und merchandise groupMechanic and electric industries, energy and lubricants, textiles, clothing, leather
      Data source: iXPOS, Federal Foreign Office, AUMA, Germany Trade & Invest – All information is supplied without guarantee.


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