Diversity of South America

Timber like no other. Fruit and vegetables, classic and exotic, natural extracts, essential and fatty oils and a lot of wood – Peru has much to offer Europe.

In regard to the timber sector Peru can boast of having the second-largest share in the Amazon rainforest and, by international comparison, significant forested areas with a low deforestation rate. Of interesting potential are lesser-known types of wood which are rarely used commercially and have not been available for German companies until now. These have characteristics that are similar to those of well-known tropical hardwoods and are therefore an attractive alternative for outside uses. 
Another plus: many suppliers now offer certified products from sustainable forestry.

The Import Promotion Desk has chosen Peru as one of its partner countries and will set you up with carefully selected and tested suppliers.


  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, from mangoes and granadilla to grapes in excellent product qualities, some with organic certification. 
    Ginger, too, is an up-and-coming product segment from the Andes country and offers a good alternative to ginger from China for German importers, especially in the organic market. 
  • Natural ingredients for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Processed products made from camu camu, lucuma, maca, cat’s claw as well as mesquite coffee and annatto seeds, often in top-grade organic quality. A broad range of processed fruit and vegetables such as asparagus and guanabana but also plants and seeds such as chia, quinoa and amaranth. 
    For the cosmetics sector the range of extracts/natural extracts, essential and fatty oils is particularly interesting, e.g. sacha inchi oil – rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E. 
  • Timber, wood varieties practically unknown commercially and not available up to now for German companies (e.g. Estoraque, Jatobá, Mashonaste). These have characteristics similar to those of well-known tropical hardwoods, thus representing an attractive alternative for outside uses (decking, window frames, exterior doors, etc.).

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Trade fair in Bad Salzuflen // 6. – 8.02.2018
Trade fair in Bad Salzuflen // 6. – 8.02.2018

ZOW 2018

Indonesian lightweight materials from fast-growing timber species

Discover its potential at the booth of igeL (Interessengemeinschaft Leichtbau)

The IPD will present various wood materials from Indonesia (plywood, panels and boards) at the igeL booth. Visitors have the possibility to use and test the materials, and to discuss with the suppliers and representatives of the Indonesian Light Wood Association.

The Indonesian wood-based materials are made of light, fast-growing timber species which small-scale farmers grow in their fields and which represent an important additional source of income. To prove the suitability of the products for the furniture industry and interior design applications, the IPD had the main properties such as density, screw pull resistance, flexural strength tested in Germany. First indications and results are expected at ZOW.

For further information please contact:

Frank Maul

Trade fair in Berlin // 08. – 10.02.2017
Trade fair in Berlin // 08. – 10.02.2017

Fruit Logistica 2018

Selected exporters of exotic fruit and vegetabels from our partner countries

The IPD will be on the Fruit Logistica 2018 - the trade fair for fruit and vegetables in Berlin - to present carefully selected exporters to the European market.

The participation of the Ethiopian exporters is promising who will present their premium product assortment. Moreover, the IPD will accompany carefully selected suppliers from Egypt, Colombia and Tunisia.

Detailed information about the exporters and their product range will be available soon right here. For further information please contact:

Linda Mense

Trade fair in Nuremberg // 14. – 17.02.2017
Trade fair in Nuremberg // 14. – 17.02.2017

Biofach 2018

Import Promotion Desk presents organic products from partner countries

The demand for organic produce is on the rise in Germany and Europe. At the same time, there is a great deal of untapped potential in developing and emerging nations.

The IPD brings carefully selected producers from Egypt, Indonesia, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Peru and Tunisia to the BIOFACH 2018 − the world's leading trade fair for organic food.
The companies offer a wide range of products, such as walnuts from Kyrgyzstan, prickley pear kernel oil from Tunisia, coconut sugar from Indonesia, essential oils, herbs and tea from Nepal or powder of Peruvian superfoods such as quinoa, chia and maca.
In cooperation with the “Swiss Import Promotion Programme” (SIPPO) the IPD also introduces innovative companies from South Africa and Serbia to the European market.
All exporters are equipped with the required certificates and are familiar with the demands of European trade sector. The IPD arranges contacts to the reliable suppliers directly at the trade fair.

Further information of the companies and their products will be available in January.

For any question beforehand please contact:

Tabea Mack (Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia)
Nicky Buizer (Colombia, Nepal, Peru)
Kathrin Seelige (Kyrgyztan, Tunisia)


Hannover/Bonn // 19.01.2017

DOMOTEX 2017: IPD exporters successfully at the Innovations@DOMOTEX 2017

Bonn/Hannover, 19th January 2017 – The Peruvian wood processing companies, presented by the IPD, exhibited successfully their products at the DOMOTEX, the leading trade fair for floor covering in Hannover, and made numerous promising contacts with European importers.
Not only importers showed a deep interest in the wooden floors from Peru, but even the jury of the Innovations@DOMOTEX, which every year showcases the most creative products and design highlights, was enthusiastic about the innovative products.   

The “Marine Floor” of Maderera Bozovich convinced thanks to its authentic look. The floor is laid by using a black sealant, which lends it the typical appearance of a ship`s deck. The tropical wood is 100% FSC-certified.
Pacific Wood brought the “Antique Rustique Decking” to the trade fair, a floor characterized by filled-in knots and unevenness that constitute the beauty of these used-look boards. The 100% FSC-certified tropical timber is processed entirely in Peru, securing jobs there.
Furthermore, the "Munay Deck" by Maderera Río Acre convinced the jury of the Innovations@DOMOTEX. These boards for outdoor use are composed from smallest battens of wood that normally end up as waste or are used as poor-quality cheap products. “Munay Deck” has a surface with interesting structure and convinces with the sustainability of the material.

For further information about Peruvian exporters, please contact

Frank Maul

Bonn/Cologne // 12.09.2017

Anuga 2017: Fresh impulses from emerging markets and developing countries

Import Promotion Desk brings a broad range of specialities to Anuga

Bonn, 12.09.2017 – At Anuga, the world’s largest food industry exhibition, to be held in Cologne from 7 to 11 October 2017, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) will be attending with 18 producers from 7 countries. Exporters from Ethiopia, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Columbia, Indonesia and Peru will be supported by the IPD in presenting their products at the exhibition. The companies offer high quality natural ingredients from their regions.

Success Stories

Success Story

Legal and sustainable tropical timber from Peru

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) and its partners in Peru support responsibly operating companies in their efforts to export certified timber products to Europe. An essential part of IPD’s work is to create awareness of European quality and sustainability standards in Peru’s private and public sectors. At the same time, the IPD provides German importers with an alternative buying market, which will allow them to optimise their purchasing activities and increase their product variety. In this way, international development cooperation and import promotion go hand in hand.

Facts & Figures

Basic Data

Official Name:Republic of Peru ( República del Perú)
Government  type:Republic
Head of state:Ollanta Humala Tasso, President (since 28.07.2011, tenure of 5 years)
Commercial languages:Spanish, English
Time difference:CET -7
Currency:1 Nuevo Sol (PEN) = 100 Centimos
Prefix number:+51
Area:1.28 million km²
Population:32,4 million (2016, estimation)
Largest cities and agglomerations:Lima (approx. 9.6 million, with harbour city Callao), Arequipa (784,000), Trujillo (682,000)
Most important exhibition centres:Lima, Arequipa
Largest airports:Lima/Callao, Iquitos
Ports:Callao, Paita, Iquitos, Matarani

Economic Data

GDP2015: 192.1 billion US$
2016: 178.6 billion US$ (forecast) 
2017: 187.7 billion US$ (forecast)
GDP per capita2015: 6.021.1 US$ (estimation)
2016: 5.512.8 US$  (forecast) 
2017: 5.765.0 US$ (forecast)
Economic growth2015: 3.3.% 
2016: 3.7 % (forecast) 
2017: 4.1 % (forecast)
Inflation rate2015: 3.5 % 
2016: 3.1 % (forecast) 
2017: 2.5 % (forecast)
Exchange rate1 US$ = 3.415 PEN
1 Euro = 3.628 PEN
(State of affairs: July 2017)
Membership in regional OrganizationsAladi, Andean Community, Mercosur (associated), SELA
Country creditworthiness rating (Institutional Investor)March 2016: Rank 43
Creditworthiness index: 66.9
Most important industriesOther services; manufacture, mining; trade

Trade Data


Volumes2014: 38.5 billion US$
2015: 33.2 billion US$
Most important trade partnersChina, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Spain
Products und merchandise groupRaw materials; food products, non-ferrous metals, petroleum


Volumes2014: 42.2 billion US$ 
2015: 38.1 billion US$
Most important trade partnersChina, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia
Products und merchandise groupPetroleum; chemical produce; machinery, electronics


Data source: iXPOS, Federal Foreign Office, AUMA, Germany Trade & Invest – All information is supplied without guarantee.

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