Côte d'Ivoire

Diversity and dynamics in the agricultural sector

Côte d’Ivoire is a tropical agricultural country. Fertile soils, a favourable climate, and plentiful water resources provide the ideal conditions for the cultivation of great many high-quality foods.

Ivorian exporters offer a premium choice of fresh fruit and vegetables, including highly flavoured tropical fruit like the mango and pineapple as well as national vegetables like the manioc, plantain, and yam.

Not only that, Côte d’Ivoire also presides over a wide and diverse range of natural ingredients for foods and cosmetics. These include dried tropical fruits, spices like ginger and turmeric, and high-quality cocoa-based products as well as a varied range of oils and fats like e.g. shea butter.

Most of these products come from smallholdings. The diversification of agriculture in Côte d’Ivoire helps to strengthen the independence of Ivorian smallholders from the cocoa industry and to create new jobs.

Côte d’Ivoire owed to cocoa exports its reputation as Africa’s economic wonderland – until crashing cocoa prices, civil war, and continuing political unrest steered the country into a crisis. The political situation has been stabilising since 2012, and the economy has been enjoying an annual growth of about eight per cent.
Today, Côte d’Ivoire has again become one of West Africa’s most dynamic national economies. And this economic evolution is fuelled by agriculture. The agricultural sector employs over half of the population and contributes 22 per cent of the gross national product.

The IPD is currently identifying reliable trade partners in Côte d’Ivoire specialising in the export of sustainable products.


Fresh fruit and vegetables:

  • tropical fruits, like mango, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, avocado
  • exotic vegetables, such as manioc, plantains, yams, etc.

Natural ingredients for food and cosmetics:

  • dried tropical fruits, e.g. mangoes and pineapples
  • spice plants, such as ginger and turmeric
  • processed cocoa-based products, e.g. cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa paste

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Trade fair in Barcelona

New date for in-cosmetics: 30.06. - 02.07.2020

Due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, the in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona has been postponed: The leading trade fair for personal care ingredients will now take place from June 30 - July 2, 2020.

IPD will present reliable producers of innovative ingredients from Colombia, Ecuador and the Côte d`Ivoire.

For the first time, IPD will have its own stand where selected exporters will showcse their new, exotic ingredients to the European market. Importers will find essential oils and emulsions - derived from cocoa, acai, cashew nuts, and plants such as rosemary, lavender, and myrtle. Many products are available in organic quality.
All companies have been selected and carefully evaluated by the IPD. Criteria such as product quality, exportability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications were taken into account.
Detailed information on IPD exporters and their products you will find below.

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Andreas Gemählich

You can find out about the current status of the trade fair preparations here: www.in-cosmetics.com


Bonn/Nürnberg // 27.01.2020

BIOFACH 2020: IPD presents coconut specialities from Sri Lanka

IPD supports exhibitors from Sri Lanka and ten more partner countries at Biofach.

Bonn/Berlin, 27.01.2020 – At this year’s Biofach the product variety of the coconut palm is presented by exhibitors from Sri Lanka: They are bringing a variety of coconut specialities such as dried coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar, coconut butter, coconut flour, coconut milk and coconut water to the world's leading trade fair for organic food, which takes place in Nuremberg from February 12 to 15. Further highlights from Sri Lanka are spices such as Ceylon cinnamon and different varieties of pepper, as well as essential oils. Besides the exhibitors from Sri Lanka, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports exporters from Colombia, Côte d´Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Kyrgyz-stan, Tunisia and Ukraine. They will be presenting their regional specialities in organic qual-ity at the joint stand of IPD and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) (Booth 3A | 3A-220) as well as at the national pavilions.

Bonn/Berlin // 15.01.2020

Fruit Logistica 2020: Pitahayas, Physalis & Co. - Ecuador convinces with fruity variety

Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports exporters from Ecuador and seven more partner countries at the international trade fair for fruits and vegetables

Bonn/Berlin, 16.01.2020 – Ecuador is known for its biodiversity and offers a wide range of tropical fruits. The South American country lives up to its reputation at this year's Fruit Logistica, which takes place in Berlin from 5. to 7. of February. With bananas, pineapples, pitahayas, physalis and passionfruit, the exhibitors present a richly filled fruit basket (Hall
21 Booth B‐06). Import Promotion Desk (IPD), the German initiative for import promotion, has been supporting the partner country of this year's Fruit Logistica for two years now, and
accompanies producers to the European market. This year the IPD brings six companies from Ecuador to the international trade fair. In total, over 40 companies from eight IPD partner countries ‐ from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Côte d`Ivoire, Ghana, Colombia, Peru and the Ukraine ‐ will present their range of fresh fruits and vegetables in Berlin.

Paris/Bonn 12.11.2019

Food Ingredients Europe 2019: natural ingredients from Sri Lanka and Ecuador

Import Promotion Desk brings natural ingredients from developing and emerging countries to this year´s Food Ingredients Europe (FIE)

Bonn/Berlin, 12.11.2019 – High-quality extracts and exceptional vegetable and fruit pow-ders will be presented by exhibitors from Sri Lanka and Ecuador at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FIE), the international trade fair for food ingredients, which takes place from 3 to 5 December in Paris. Due to the high quality of the raw materials and the gentle manufacturing processes, the products retain their high content of nutrients and active components. The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) supports producers from Sir Lanka, Ecuador and other partner countries in presenting their great product diversity and special product quality to international buyers.

Bonn // 25.07.2018

IPD intensifies activities for sustainable economic development

German import promotion initiative is now active in 13 countries and 5 sectors

Bonn/Berlin, 25.07.2018 – Since 2012, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) has assisted small-to-medium-sized enterprises in selected developing and emerging counties to ac-cess the European market. In its third project phase, the IPD expands activities to 13 partner countries and five sectors. The IPD supports export companies on the so-called "last mile"– it accompanies producers to the European market, arranges contacts with importers, thereby closing a strategic gap at the interface of development cooperation and foreign trade.

Facts & Figures

Basic Data

Official Name:Republic Côte d'Ivoire (Republique de Côte d'Ivoire)
Head of State:Alassane Quattara (21.05.2011)
Commercial Languages:French
Time difference:CET -1
CurrencyCFA-Franc (FCFA)
1 Franc = 100 Centimes
Calling Code:+225
Area: 322.463 km²
Population: 25,6 million (2018, estimate)
Capital:Abidjan (4,4 Mio.), Bouaké (536.719)
Largest Cities and Agglomerations:Abidjan
Most important exhibition centresAbidjan
Largest AirportsAbidjan, Yamoussoukro, Bouaké
PortsAbidjan, San-Pédro

Economic Data

GDP2017: 40,4 bn. US$ (estimate)
2018: 48,1 bn. US$ (estimate) 
2019: 53,0 bn. US$ (forecast)
GDP per capita
2017: 1.617 US$ (estimate)
2018: 1.880 US$ (estimate) 
2019: 2.016 US$ (forecast)
Economic growth
2017: 7,8 % (estimate)
2018: 7,4 % (estimate) 
2019: 7,1 % (forecast)
Inflation rate
2017: 0,8 % 
2018: 1,7 % (estimate) 
2019: 2,0 % (forecast)
Exchange rate1 US$ = 555,613 FCFA
1 Euro = 655,957 FCFA
(effective: september 2017)
Membership in regional Organisations
Most important industriesTrade, restaurants, hotels, transport, logistics, communications, construction, mining, industry, agriculture, forestry, fishing

Trade Data


Volume2013: 12,1 bn US$
2014: 13,0 bn US$
2015: 11,8 bn US$
Most important trade partners
Netherlands, USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Burkina Faso, India
Products and sectors
Food, petrochemicals, raw materials, petroleum, detergents, cosmetics


Volume2013: 12,5 bn US$
2014: 11,2 bn US$
2015: 9,5 bn US$
Most important trade partners
Nigeria, France, China, USA, Italy, India, Spain
Products and sectors
Food, petroleum, machinery, motor vehicles and parts, petrochemicals
Data source: iXPOS, Federal Foreign Office, AUMA, Germany Trade & Invest – All information is supplied without guarantee.


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